Find leading candidates with HealthyPeople

The above image shows key points of interest when accessing candidates.

Use OPEN SEARCH to filter the list of candidates. Nominate a suburb, a job type, a qualification or keyword.Not everyone provides all the details we need, so setting parameters too tight may cut out potentially good candidates.

PROMOTED candidates will always appear at the top. These are professionals that have asked us to promote them as looking for new opportunities. The system will send you an email (with link) whenever there is a new PROMOTED candidate.

This button will add the candidate to your SAVED candidates list. This list is a great way to build a pipeline of ideal candidates for your facility. For example, you may not have a role for them now, but want to be able to easily find them in the future when the position is available.

VIEW MORE will reveal any bio that the professional has provided. It will also reveal more qualifications and experience if there are more than three entered (only three will appear in the summary view).

FITREC profiles, where available, will provide you with significantly more insight into the education and experience of the professional. In many instances, you'll also be able to view industry relevant references from peers and clients. For more information on FITREC, click here.

REQUEST CV will have a copy of the candidate's email sent directly to the email address on your account.

ADD/VIEW NOTES on candidates. This is where you can keep track of communication with candidates - Like a CRM for your recruiting needs. Your most recent note will appear in the summary result. Click on the note function or VIEW MORE to view and add notes.

LAST ACTIVE shows when a professional last accessed their HealthyPeople account. This may be an indicator of a candidate's readiness to move. In any case, if a candidate looks great, whether recently active or not, there's no harm in making contact.

If you have any questions at all or need assistance with your account, please don't hesitate to contact us.