Australia's most successful fitness recruitment site, HealthyPeople.com.au, is now able to showcase business profiles from FITREC, providing more collateral for recruiting employers to help them attract the right talent to their fitness team.

With this latest feature update, HealthyPeople continues its evolution to better help in the recruitment of fitness teams, and FITREC furthers its commitment to delivering fitness registration that offers genuine value for fitness businesses.

Recruitment has always been one of the biggest challenges faced by fitness businesses. And in the wake of COVID lockdowns, this challenge has been magnified. 

Now, more than ever, employers are encouraged to "sell" their available roles

They need to highlight the benefits, above and beyond remuneration. 

For example, things like; ongoing development, opportunities for career growth, working environment, team culture and client demographic can all go a long way towards helping candidates become more enthusiastic about the opportunity. 

Much of this information can be shared via FITREC profiles in the form of videos, images, text, maps and, most importantly, the link to the profiles of FITREC registered team members (like attracts like).

FITREC business profiles have always been a way for employers to promote the benefits of joining their team. 

Unfortunately, FITREC business profiles are often disconnected from the recruitment process. In part, because many employers are unfamiliar with how promoting benefits beyond remuneration can assist with recruitment, but more significantly, because employers are simply not used to the expectation of fitness registration having any operational value.

Why include the FITREC business profiles on HealthyPeople?

The FITREC business profiles on HealthyPeople can be linked to from job ads to provide greater insight into both the business and the team. By keeping this additional detail separate, job ads remain concise and easily read, and avoid distraction from the key details. 

In addition, by locating the FITREC profile on HealthyPeople it's not only a better experience for candidates. It also allows us to include an application link. This means that the profile itself can be an ongoing opportunity to solicit applications, long after the job ad has expired. 

Your profile adds value to both job ads and memberships.

Standard job ads on HealthyPeople are listed on both HealthyPeople and Seek, and emailed to our database. Our HealthyPeople Business Memberships give fitness employers the ability to connect directly with all local fitness candidates. It also allows businesses to have an ongoing presence on the HealthyPeople website with a business profile.

This feature is just one of the FITREC registration benefits for businesses. 

FITREC registered businesses also receive two free professional registrations to gift to staff (another recruitment/retention tool) and a free Standard job ad with HealthyPeople. 

Purchase FITREC business registration here.

FITREC is a Government recognised registration service for fitness professionals and businesses. FITREC provides industry-leading levels of transparency and accountability and has been instrumental in raising standards throughout the fitness industry.

HealthyPeople is a fitness industry-specific job advertising and recruitment service. HealthyPeople hosts an Australia-wide community of more than 110,000 industry professionals and more than 2,500 fitness employers.