» An interview with Matt Thom from Fitness Kick. : 03 Jan 2012

An interview with Matt Thom from Fitness Kick. : 03 Jan 2012

What's my definition of an inspirational fitness professional?

Someone that is a positive role model for both industry professionals and the general public in the pursuit of their own success.

Matt ThomMatt Thom is someone that fits this description perfectly. He is co-founder of Fitness Kick @ Flemington (winner of 2007, 2008, 2009 Personal Training Business of the Year awards) which also provides 'not for profit' fitness services for the local community. He has won four world titles in Pairs Fitness with his partner Monica (another inspirational professional). Together they have published three books. He has worked in the industry for more than 15 years as a personal trainer, corporate trainer, presenter, motivational speaker, educator and fitness consultant. He's developed and trademarked over six effective fitness training programs and is the Victorian sensei for Australian Freestyle Kickboxing.

I'm grateful to Matt for his time in answering a few questions for this first blog item for 2012.


The Fitness Kick Mission is 'to help millions of people become educated and motivated to take control of their health', can you outline some key achievements to date that are bringing yourself and Monica closer to this goal?

Our mission to help millions of people increase their health and vitality may seem a huge task but Monica and I have always set big goals and high bench marks for ourselves and business. We are getting closer to this goal through the sale of our three Australian Best Selling Books, collectively selling over 15,000 copies. (It could have been millions a few years ago when we were close to signing a US distribution deal then GFC hit and that has put that deal on the back burner for now). Our mission for millions may seem a pie in the sky to some, but everything first has to be a thought before it becomes a reality!! One day, who knows…

Can you tell me a bit about Fitness Kick @ Flemington?

Fitness Kick is really about two things - Results and Service. We have no contracts, no joining fees, no session packs ? just a training system that gets results and a team that will go out of their way to help clients in all facets of their health.

What sort of programs do you have in place to attract and retain Personal Trainers?

Our retention for personal trainers is extremely high. We have trainers who have been with us for 7 years. Trainers choose to work for Fitness Kick because of our in house education and development programs, as well as flexible working hours that they choose. We attract trainers through the HealthyPeople website as well [thanks Matt - D].

Beyond Trainers, what other staff do you employ?

Fitness Kick has an energetic team of 20 vibrant professionals which consist of 11 Personal Trainers (all subcontractors), 4 Reception staff, 2 managers, a financial controller, a nutritionist and a physiotherapist.

Do require any ongoing studies or professional development of your staff?

Education is encouraged and fully supported. The 5 CEC courses I run are free to Fitness Kick Staff. Many professional development programs are paid for by Fitness Kick, like 'Facebook for Business Marketing'.

For Personal Training graduates starting out in their fitness career, what key piece of advice would you give them?

Certificate IV is only a beginning and they should seek a mentorship while constantly furthering their education and their own training. Successful trainers are role models, so 'walk the walk to talk the talk'. Choose a training style or piece of equipment and become and expert at it. It gives you an area of expertise. Also choose and go after a niche that is related to your training methods and equipment. e.g suspension training and rehabilitation works well.

Fitness Kick provides 'not for profit' services to the local community, could you provide a brief description of these programs?

Our community initiatives have been running for 5 years and include a free fitness training program that runs once a week called ‘Keeping Flemington Fit’ as well as Free educational seminars called 'Eat Yourself to Health'.

It's said that 'the secret of success is to double your rate of failure'. Is there any failure you've experienced in the process of building your business that you would share with others?

With our business model, clients must be personal trained to come in and utilise the facilities. In the beginning, we turned more people away than we joined but over the long term we have certainly attracted the right people and the culture is awesome!

What professional affiliations, subscriptions or registrations do you and/or your business have?

I am on the board of the REPS council at Fitness Australia and we meet up once every couple of months. Fitness Kick is also a Business Member with Fitness Australia. We subscribe to UltraFit Magazine and Oxygen Magazine.

What other fitness related businesses are you running at present?

We have 3 other fitness related businesses. We have a company that organises fitness programs in over 150 schools throughout Victoria ranging from boot camps to self defence programs. We also do Corporate Speaking on Wellness and run an online supplements shop at our website.

Soap box moment: What's a topic that really gets you started?

Those ‘bloody’ become a PT in 8 week Ads, but don’t get me started!!!!

Do you have a favourite fitness and/or business tool?

Favourite fitness tool would have to be the War Machine. It is a suspension training tool with a pulley, the best piece of equipment I've ever used. My favourite business software is ‘mind mapping’. Very useful for brain-storming.

If not health and fitness, what would you be doing?

I honestly could not tell you as it’s always been such a big part of my life. Maybe SAS, where you get paid to train!


To view Matt and Monica's routines for the World Fitness Championships, head to their web site. You can also view the interview Matt did for ACA.

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