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Simple Changes - Big Returns : 26 Feb 2013

I am a huge believer in the power of 'The Lizard Brain', or 'System 1', or 'The Unconscious Mind' - whatever you want to call it. Essentially, we are guided by thoughts we are not conscious of, and in turn, we can influence the nature of these unconscious thoughts. With this in mind, following are a few simple ways to influence your outlook on the day...


Change is a pretty daunting prospect, but what if a few simple changes to your daily routine could have a significant impact on your life and career?


If you've got an open mind with an interest in exploring new avenues for professional and personal growth, why not attempt a few (if not all) of the following ideas?

Start each day with expectation.
If there's any big truth about life, it's that it usually lives up to (or down to) your expectations. Therefore, when you rise from bed, make your first thought: "something wonderful is going to happen today." The funny thing is, you'll probably be right.

Take time to plan and prioritise.
The most common source of stress is the perception that you've got too much work to do.  Rather than obsess about it, pick one thing that, if you get it done today, will move you closer to your highest goal and purpose in life. Then do that first.


Membership Sales Manager - Genesis Casuarina
You must have a proven track record of personal
success. You'll be fiercely competitive, creative,
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leadership ability. [more]


Give a gift to everyone you meet.
I'm not talking about a formal, wrapped-up present. Your gift can be your smile, a word of thanks or encouragement, a gesture of politeness, even a friendly nod. And never pass beggars without leaving them something. Peace of mind is worth the spare change.

Deflect partisan conversations.
Arguments about politics and religion never have a "right" answer but they definitely get people all riled up over things they can't control. When such topics surface, bow out by saying something like: "Thinking about that stuff makes my head hurt."

Assume people have good intentions.
Since you can't read minds, you don't really know the "why" behind the "what" that people do. Imputing evil motives to other people's weird behaviors adds extra misery to life, while assuming good intentions leaves you open to reconciliation.

Eat high quality food (slowly).
Sometimes we can't avoid scarfing something quick to keep us up and running. Even so, at least once a day try to eat something really delicious, like a small chunk of fine cheese or an imported chocolate. Focus on it; taste it; savor it. I think the idea here is reflected in this article, Pay Too Much, by Allen Tucker.


Sales Manager needed at Genesis Warners Bay
Currently working as a membership consultant &
ready to take the next step in your fitness career?
We need a Superstar Sales Manager to contribute
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Let go of your results.

The big enemy of happiness is worry, which comes from focusing on events that are outside your control. Once you've taken action, there's usually nothing more you can do. Focus on the job at hand rather than some weird fantasy of what might happen. (Check out Stephen Covey's 'circle of influence and circle of concern' in 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People')

Turn off "background" TV.
Many households leave their TVs on as "background noise" while they're doing other things. The entire point of broadcast TV is to make you dissatisfied with your life so that you'll buy more stuff. Why subliminally program yourself to be a mindless consumer? When you do sit down to watch a show, make the most of recorded TV. Skip through the ads, again avoiding unnecessary subliminal programming.

End each day with gratitude.
Just before you go to bed, write down at least one wonderful thing that happened. It might be something as small as a making a child laugh or something as huge as a million dollar deal. Whatever it is, be grateful for that day because it will never come again.

If you've made it this far, there's a part of you interested in trying something new. Take a few items from this list and and make them happen for the next 21 days. There's nothing to lose and you may gain more than you expected.

"Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Have a fantastic and profitable week.

Dennis Hosking
Managing Director - HealthyPeople
Thank you to Geoffrey James for the inspiration

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14 Brilliant (and revealing) Interview Questions, Networking in April : 20 Mar 2013

There are not many opportunities to get in front of potential staff in an informal situation, so all the more important that you get yourself to Fitzroy on Friday the 12th of April at 4pm. We've got a number of people coming along for a networking opportunity and WE WANT YOU to be a part of it! Email Becky for more details.

Interview questions: Everyone has them. And everyone wishes they had better ones.

Jeff Haden of Inc. Magazine recently asked employers from a variety of fields for their favourite interview question. Many, if not all, of these questions are easily relevant for our industry and provide fantastic opportunities to gather more than the normal insight on applicants. This article has been truncated/adapted for our industry. To view the original article (with more details from the different employers), click here.

14 Brilliant (and Revealing) Interview Questions...

If we're sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it's been for you in this role, what did we achieve together?

This is a fantastic way to find out what sort of thought the candidate has put into the role. It also sheds light on what they hope to achieve for themselves and the business. How much do they really know about the direction your business is heading?

When have you been most satisfied in your life?
What sort of things are important to this candidate? How does their life outside of work correlate to the goals of the business? Is this person a good match?

If you got hired, loved everything about this job, and are paid the salary you asked for, what kind of offer from another company would you consider?
Brilliant! Can they be bought? The answers to this question can only surprise.


Regional Business Manager - Genesis Brisbane
An opportunity has become available for an
experienced leader/manager to develop the
business interests of Genesis Fitness in five sites
across the Brisbane Region. [more]


Who is your role model, and why?
Can give a good idea as to what sort of thought the candidate has given to their own personal and professional development. It's good to know what sort of person someone aspires to be.

What things do you not like to do?

It can be easy to assume that an applicant is aware of all elements of a role and determined to succeed in all areas. If you discover that they don't like having to deal with people first thing in the morning and they're going for a personal training role, alarm bells should start ringing.

Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career.
Discussing a single accomplishment is an easy way to open doors to additional information and insight about the person, their work habits, and how they work with others.
Tell me how... This is one I've used most often. Drilling down to the details is where you can discover a hidden gem or a potential nightmare.

What's your superpower, or what's your spirit animal?
What a fun question! Would definitely spark an interesting discussion on perceived strengths. May even help ascertain the suitability for the role. Having a spirit animal as a mouse, for example, would not likely bode well for sales.

Why have you had x amount of jobs in y years?
There is nothing inherently wrong with moving from job to job - the reasons why are what matters. The answer can reveal loyalty and reasoning processes. Do they believe someone always keeps them down (managers, bosses, etc.)? Do they get bored easily?


Club Manager opportunities available in the ACT!
We are looking for seriously skilled and qualified
Club Managers to maximise opportunities and
drive our Manuka and Tuggeranong clubs to their
operational capacity. [more]


We're constantly making things better. We leverage technology or improve processes. In other words, we strive to do more - with less. Tell me about a recent project or problem that you made better, faster, smarter, more efficient, or less expensive.
Good candidates will have lots of answers to this question. Great candidates will get excited as they share their answers.

Discuss a specific accomplishment you've achieved in a previous position that indicates you will thrive in this position.
Past performance is usually the best indicator of future success.

So, (insert name), what's your story?
According to Richard Funess from Finn Partners, "The question, as obtuse as it might sound to the interviewee, is the beginning of a story and in today's world of selling oneself, or one's company, it's the ability to tell a story and create a feeling that sells the brand - whether it's a product or a person". In our industry, where clients are often buying into the philosophy as much as anything else, this answer here could say a lot about the fit for the organisation.

What questions do you have for me?
The questions a candidate asks can be as revealing as the answers they provide.

Tell us about a time when things didn't go the way you wanted.
This is a great question for learning about how a candidate deals with adversity, problems or plain ol' bad luck. Answers tend to fall into three basic categories: 1) blame 2) self-deprecation, or 3) opportunity for growth - no matter who was responsible.

Do you have a favourite interview question? Please send it through.

Have a fantastic and profitable week.

Dennis Hosking
Managing Director - HealthyPeople
Thank you to Geoffrey James for the inspiration

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