» Are you kissing enough frogs? (and where to find them). : 27 Jan 2013

Are you kissing enough frogs? (and where to find them). : 27 Jan 2013

One thing I've learned after meeting a few managers recently is that they're all playing a numbers game. Their experience reveals that, to get the right people on board, you've got to meet a lot of people. It seemed appropriate, therefore, to put together an article for all managers on the value of 'kissing a few frogs'.

You’ve heard the saying “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince,” well the same logic applies to finding the best candidates. If you want a prince (or princess) for your business, you've got to grab the opportunity to kiss a bunch of frogs when it arises.

A Meeting Is a Kiss
Each time you contact a candidate you're on a fast track to finding the professional prince (or princess) you're looking for. On the other hand, the less frequently you network with candidates in your area, the lower your chances of building an optimal team. Until you have a conversation with someone and learn more about them, you can never know what the potential is. The more frogs you kiss, the better your processes will become for identifying the frogs sooner rather than later.


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An Interview Is a Kiss
Obviously not all interviews will translate into job offers. In fact, the majority of them won’t. But each interview is a kiss. It offers potential. Do you have a process of regularly interviewing candidates? When I was a Personal Training Manager, experience showed that for every three Trainers I put on, I would lose two - either from the new recruits and/or existing staff. In any case, the net gain from three appointments was one extra team member.

It's important to interview, and interview often. Whether or not you're hiring right now is irrelevant. If a great candidate shows up with a CV and they pass your initial assessment, make a time to get to know them. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow. Never turn down the opportunity for a kiss. How much is a great employee (or PT rental) worth to your business?

Even a Job Offer Is a Kiss
All signs pointed to the fact that you had found your prince (or princess)! But, alas, the fairytale candidate turned out to be a bust. It happens. The frog we thought was a prince was, in fact, just a pretty good looking frog. Look for the moral of the story (there always is one) and get back into kissing more frogs! I've never met an employer or manager (myself included) that doesn't have a horror story or two to tell.


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Finding Frogs is a Lot Easier Than It Used To Be
Given that searching for Frogs should be done on an ongoing basis, following are a number of ways to find staff outside of posting job ads;

  • Existing staff - If they're enjoying their job, do they know of anyone else that may enjoy working with you as well.
  • Members/clients - Do they have friends or family that might be interested in a fitness role?
  • Social networks - Invite friends and followers to send in an application for consideration
  • Your web site - Make the careers link prominent and encourage visitors to send in a CV.
  • HealthyPeople - The undisputed leading source of fitness candidates on an ongoing basis (and, ahem, for job ads)

So get out there and kiss a few Frogs. If you've kissed a frog and the story is something other managers may appreciate, please send it through.

Have fantastic week and don't forget to check out some of our frogs!

Dennis Hosking
Frog Wrangler - HealthyPeople

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