» Overqualified? Don't Get Overlooked, New Opportunities, Psst..., Multi Ad May : 06 May 2013

Overqualified? Don't Get Overlooked, New Opportunities, Psst..., Multi Ad May : 06 May 2013

Genuine reward for commitment is on offer at the NEW Gold's Gym in Parramatta (NSW). They're looking for an experienced Membership Sales person and will increase the base salary by almost 50% after 12 months and then again after two years! On top of that, you're the only consultant they have at present, so there is no competition for leads. And when they do hire the next person, you become the manager! Get your application in here.

Full time PT roles are rare, so it's noteworthy when one comes up - Check out the opportunity for two full time Personal Trainers, one in Cheltenham,VIC and the other in Ivanhoe, VIC.

Pssst... I've been given word that a large group of clubs are about to do a huge a push for Personal Training. There is going to be some industry leading initial and ongoing training provided and all roles will be employed rather than rental positions. There could be as many as 30 - 40 jobs come up soon in Melbourne and Sydney - including in regional areas. Get your profile updated on HealthyPeople because they'll be tapping into our lists very soon.

Are you, or your manager, about to advertise for staff? Don't forget to check out our 'Multi Ad May' offer. Save $100 on two standard ads posted at the same time! Click on the banner below for details.

Enjoy today's article...

You'd think it would be easy to get a job if you are qualified
, or even overqualified, for an opportunity. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We've seen a number of examples where a candidate with extensive experience as a club or studio owner, or has had extensive management experience overseas, has suddenly found themselves struggling to get a lesser role in another facility. Such a situation can obviously be tough on morale. The truth is, many employers won’t consider a candidate with too many qualifications or greater than anticipated experience.

On the face of it, it seems crazy, but here are a few reasons why..,

  • They worry the candidate will be “too expensive.”
  • Employers assume (often correctly) that the overqualified applicant will leave at the first chance to land a better opportunity.
  • Hiring managers may be concerned an overqualified candidate would become easily disgruntled and unhappy in the job.
  • Hiring managers may also feel somewhat threatened by a candidate more qualified and experienced than they are.


Two Permanent Full Time Personal Trainers needed!
Unique opportunities exist at Core Principle's
award winning Ivanhoe & Cheltenham PT Studios
for exceptional Trainers looking to build a career in the fitness industry.


How can overqualified job seekers address these concerns?

First and foremost, TAILOR YOUR CV
As with any job application, your application needs to reflect the role. There is no value in sending a couple of pages outlining your success as a national manager when the role calls for a focus on customer interaction and working as part of a team.

Use your networks
The best way to move into any role is to network with people who work in the businesses where you’d like to land a job. If you can convince new contacts that you’re ideal for the role, they may be willing to refer you for a position. And it's no secret that referrals are much more successful at landing job interviews than simply applying for jobs online.


Membership Consultant - Gold's Gym Parramatta
We're looking for an experienced Membership Sales
professional to become the cornerstone of our sales team.
Full training is provided by an international industry expert.
Experience required. [more]


Address the salary issue.
Maybe there’s a good reason you’re applying for jobs similar to what you did 5 or 10 years ago. If you’re purposefully ramping down your responsibilities, make a point of explaining that to the hiring manager. If asked for a salary requirement, make sure to provide a salary range appropriate to the job. On your cover letter and in conversations with hiring managers and networking contacts, explain why, at this stage of your career, your focus is on things more important than a high salary. Identify positives, such as work-life balance (if appropriate) or the opportunity to work for a group with a good reputation or an opportunity to enjoy a role with less responsibility.

Give good reasons for wanting the job that don’t make you sound desperate for a paycheck.

Make a time commitment.
When you have a chance to speak to someone about the opportunity, make it clear that you plan to stay in the job for a certain amount of time. If you are committed to this type of job, make it clear that the opportunity is a destination, not a jumping off point for you.

Make a convincing case for why the job is a good match.
It’s always up to the candidate to make a case for why he or she is a good fit, but it’s even more important for overqualified workers. Study the job description and be able to point out exactly why you’re a good person for the job. Make a convincing case that this job, at this stage of your career, is exactly what you want to do.

A big shout out to the students at NMIT that had me in for a chat in the last week. Thank you to Michelle Devereux for setting it up - Always a pleasure.

Have a great week.

Kind regards,

Dennis Hosking

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