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9 Essential Truths About Your CV, An Industry Meet, We're now 30,000 strong! : 08 Mar 2013

Does the idea of catching up with fellow industry people appeal to you? We're thinking about hosting an informal gathering of fitness professionals and employers in the not too distant future. If this sounds like some fun and a chance to network, please email and let us know your nearest city and whether you'd prefer a weekday (mid morning) affair or a Friday night social drinks type of thing.

BTW, HealthyPeople hit a milestone this week - more than 30,000 registered professionals. Bec, Becky and I are extraordinarily proud to be a part of what is, without question, Australia's largest, most utilised, fitness industry specific, employment and recruiting service.

We've seen some great applications come through in the last week. While this a positive thing, the downside is that this is, regrettably, more the exception than the rule.We find that applications can often be divided into three categories; (1) The Off-Hand Application - no real effort, no Cover Letter and unlikely to go any further, (2) The Misguided Application - It's more about the applicant than the job, and (3) The considered application - The most desirable but not always the most common. By ensuring that ALL your applications are closer to the third option than the first, you're taking as much control as possible over the job search process.

With this in mind, here are 9 Essential Truths About your CV...

Are you clear on what your CV is for?

The CV is not what gets you the job, it’s what gets you the interview. You do not need to tell the reader your life story, provide highlights that can be elaborated on in the interview, if at all. Keep it concise, keep it relevant, aim for the interview.

Tailor your CV to the reader.
Consider who is going to read it ? what do you need to tell them in relation to this job? There is a common misconception that you do one CV and it works for everything and every job but actually a tailored CV is a much more powerful tool.


Fitness Division Coordinator - Genesis Morayfield.
Consider yourself a strong leader, looking for
career development and like to be challenged?
Mentor & grow our Fitness Division! PT experience
essential. [more].


Fancy Doesn’t Work
A CV is not a work of art, it needs to be very readable, not very beautiful. So forget your fancy fonts and layouts and go for simple. If you're including a (professional) picture of yourself, make sure that it is a small one, not a large one resized - the latter can turn a polite, few hundred kilobyte CV into a multi-megabyte, bandwidth sucking, monster. 

Make it easy for the employer to like you - use key words.
Do you have the right words in your CV? Employers are often searching for key words when skimming a CV. Have you thought about what words they might be using for each specific role? For a copy of our recommendations, email us.

Where is Your Gold Dust?
Keep in mind that employers and recruiters are busy people and are generally not interested in wading through waffle to find what they're looking for. So structure your CV so that you get the gold dust up top.

Less is more.
The older and more experienced you are, the less information you need about earlier experience. Yes, include your highest academic qualification but unless it is critical to the job you are applying for, earlier jobs and activities deserve no more than a line. If more information on these earlier jobs is required, the employer will ask more questions in the interview.

Heads up; No matter what your age or what you're applying for, no employer is interested in where you went to primary/high school.


Opportunities available with Genesis Casuarina!
We are currently seeking PTs who want to run
their own business within our club & an
experienced fitness sales person to take on the
role of Membership Manager. [more]


Are You What They Want?
Of course you are! You just need to tailor your CV to suit each opportunity. If the job requires leadership then use your achievements to show that you've lead teams, if the job is about customer service then use your achievements to show how you have delivered beyond expectations. Even if your experience is lacking, highlight times when you have demonstrated the qualities the employer is looking for, if not actual experience.

Targeting Your CV On Your HealthyPeople Profile
Uploading your CV for a HealthyPeople listing presents a challenge ? you can’t necessarily tailor your CV to a particular opportunity. However, you can tailor it to the work you want to do. Again, make the most of key words, keep things concise and get in the hard facts, your qualifications, experience and the achievements! Provide a launching point for conversations with an employer.

Continue to Test and Measure.
If you didn't get the job you were hoping for, do what you can to find out what the employer thought of your CV. IMPORTANT: You must be open to criticism for this to be of any benefit. That is, this is no time for you to justify/explain/rebut/plead or otherwise. Take it on the chin, whether or not you agree with it, learn from it and move on to the next opportunity.

I wish you all the best with your applications. Remember, let us know if an industry specific catch up sounds like some fun.

Have a great week.

Kind regards,

Dennis Hosking

This article was inspired by this one by Mary Hope

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Why Good Grammar Matters, HealthyPeople Catch Up Details, Words From Pete Gleeson : 15 Mar 2013

The HealthyPeople Industry Catch Up is ON! Last week we raised the question of an industry catch up and there was a solid response for a Friday afternoon event. As the majority were from Melbourne, that's where we'll have the first one. So lock in the date - 12th April, from 4pm to 6.30pm. Venue will be one of three under consideration - all in the Fitzroy area. Will confirm in the following week. This will be a great opportunity to chew the fat with fellow industry peeps, as well as meet up with a few employers. So, professionals, bring a CV; employers, bring a card. If you haven't indicated your interest, contact Becky today. Special invites will be emailed to those on the list.

I asked Pete Gleeson (Regional Fitness Director for Goodlife) if he had any tips for new Personal Trainers. He handed me this gem;

"Do it for the right reasons! The greatest skill-set you can have as a Personal Trainer is passion and desire. When starting out, if you’re scared of the words “running your own business”, simply replace it with “taking care of your own clients”. Your passion to help people improve their lives will shine through more than anything - if it’s there! Your desire to satisfy your chosen profession will arrive - if it’s there! Don’t let your thirst for money and saving a buck, today, get in the way of brilliance, tomorrow.

Leap… and the net will appear!"

If you're interested in opportunities with Goodlife in Victoria, you can approach the relevant Fitness Division Coordinator directly via their employer profiles.

We see a lot of applications and jobs posted (outside of HealthyPeople) with avoidable grammatical errors. Many CVs do not appear to have been proof read - we once saw a job ad with no less than three variations on the word 'consultant'.

It's time to get things back on track...

Recently an online dating website released the results of their study
into what singles look for in potential dating partners. While the results weren’t surprising the prioritization was. Number one on the list ? nice teeth. Number two ? good grammar. Which makes sense. A first date is an introduction to what could possibly be a long-term relationship. And who wants to spend the next several years of their life with someone who sounds uneducated…or apparently has bad teeth?

It’s not hard to make the analogy to a job interview. Again, we’re talking about an introduction that could potentially lead to a long term relationship - between an employer and employee. Granted, nice teeth will probably not get you the job (although appearance does play a part). Grammar skills, both spoken and written, on the other hand, are essential!


Opportunities available with Genesis Morayfield!
We're currently looking for passionate fitness
professionals to join the team! positions include;
Membership Consultant, Group Fitness Instructor,
PTs and an FDC. [more].


Poor grammar may be a result of cultural influences, educational background or a simple lack of awareness. Whatever the cause, in the professional environment, learn the difference between good and bad grammar, and know when to use it.

Most of the time, a candidate’s resume is the first contact he or she has with an employer. I cannot overstate the importance of spelling and grammar in your job application. A trait often highlighted in applications is “detail-oriented.” What better way to prove this than with an application free of errors that reads well?

Good grammar goes a long way in the health and fitness industry.

While the emphasis placed on good grammar by employers may vary, there is no doubt that the leading providers in our industry hold it in high esteem. After all, good grammar facilitates effective communication across a broad range of people. In our service based industry effective communication means $$$$;

  • Every role in any fitness business is selling something (or contributing to the sale). Whether it's a membership, a PT session, a massage or a class, whatever, professional communication, that is, good grammar, facilitates the sale.
  • The way we answer the phone sets the tone for the business and can determine whether a potential client stops by for a closer look.
  • Being able to meaningfully connect with clients of all ages provides greater opporutnity to earn (especially as a Trainer).
  • Are you writing programs, notices or newsletters? The structure of the simplest communication can speak volumes for any facility.


Fitness Centre Manager - CHM (Healthstream)
Experienced fitness professional
needed to manage a corporate facility operating under our prestigious
‘Healthstream’ brand. Gym management experience a MUST. [more]


So before you ask a potential employer to consider you for a place on their team, make sure you know the difference between, for example, 'they’re,' 'their,' and “there." For a refresher, there's a great info-graphic here.

When you come across the perfect opportunity - whether it's a new job or a chance to pitch to new clients, don’t eliminate yourself because of something as easily managed as grammar.

I wish you all the best with your applications. Remember, 12th of April for our first ever get-together..
Have a great week.

Kind regards,

Dennis Hosking

This article was inspired by this one by John Feldman

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