» Boost Your Career Potential With Twitter : 26 Feb 2013

Boost Your Career Potential With Twitter : 26 Feb 2013

There's a heap of fitness tracking devices in the market at present, like the FitBit, Nike Fuelband, RunKeeper, etc. I saw one today that is an app for the iPhone called 'Moves'. Looks like a pretty cool tool for tracking daily activity - it even guesses what you're doing. If you've used it, tell me what you think.

Getting a job interview these days requires more than just a great resume. There are very few people that don't have some sort of digital footprint, and whatever an employer finds online has to be consistent with the values laid down in your application. If not, doubt arises. All professionals should back up their resume with a solid online profile. Today's article is about doing this easily and effectively with Twitter...

Social media platforms like LinkedIn and more recently Facebook have increasingly become forums for job and candidate searches.

But what about Twitter? Can this be used to your career advantage as well?

The answer is a resounding 'YES'!

Amplify Talent ran a 'TwitterChat' (a twitter discussion using a specific hashtag, eg. #NPRTwitterChat) that collected more than 800 tweets in an hour regarding the use of this micro-blogging platform to advance a career.

Following are key points tailored for those of us in the health and fitness industry.

Finding a Job Using Twitter

  • Follow key people in our industry and participate in conversations that are important to you (I've got some suggestions below).
  • Don’t just retweet what others are saying; create meaningful content. Be a thought leader.
  • Use Twitter as a jumping-off point to your more detailed online profiles ? a personal blog, website or LinkedIn profile, for example.
  • Many companies (especially @HealthyPeople) post jobs as they arise. Following businesses that you'd like to work for is a great way to keep tabs on job openings.
  • Build your network before you need it; engage with people who do what you want to do.
  • Maintain professionalism but don't be afraid to showcase your personality and talk to people about your interests.


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Why Twitter Over Other Social Networks?

  • The lack of barriers to connect with others is a big advantage (follow anyone, no approval required).
  • Twitter’s openness makes it useful for showcasing your talents, personality, style, and interests. Employers can get an idea of who you are, and if you'd be a good fit at their company.
  • It's easier to connect meaningfully with people you don’t already know, which is much more difficult on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • It’s easy and convenient for an employer to reply to your tweet.

How Can You Be an Engaging Candidate on Twitter?

  • First impressions count. Make sure you have a great online description and photo.
  • Don’t just use your Twitter as a means of self-promotion ? be interested in what other people are doing and engage with them.
  • Show what you are passionate about, give recruiters an idea of your personality and interests outside of your career.
  • Share content that is valuable. The more relevant contributions you make, the more others will want to continue to follow you.
  • Employers know that if they hire you, they also inherit your network. So make it attractive. Build a solid network of industry and non-industry people.
  • Interact and respond to the people in your networks. Add value to your community.


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So What's the Future of Your Resume The overwhelming opinion of the Twitter Chat was that resumes won’t become obsolete, but candidates' online presence will enhance their resumes. Although we don't think your online presence will replace resumes completely, it is important to have some presence online, you want employers to be able to find you.

Here's some of our favs on Twitter; @HealthyBalanceF, @JTActiveMgmt, @Sports_Greats, @_AndrewMcCallum, @BeginFitnessEdu, @PTontheNet and @CrunchAustralia, just to get you started. Feel free to contact me on @HealthyPeople for any other suggestions.

Have a great week.


Dennis Hosking

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